Color Theory and FOOD!

This is by far my favorite assignment. I am a HUGE fan of cooking–I love to do it, I love to eat it, I love to drool at it. I just freaking love it.

So when my instructor said we’re cooking the Color Theory, I couldn’t contain myself. It was like a Hell’s Kitchen challenge! I’m not the best at doing challenges the way those chefs can, but I certainly had fun being creative with what knowledge I have, which, I’m proud to say, out of the love of food, is pretty decent. I worked at a farmer’s market stand for a year and my family has gone through countless experiments.

So, of the color wheel, I chose the purples, blues, and pinks.

This was especially fun. When our instructor gave us the assignment, purple potatoes were the first that came into my head, and then I found a beet that worked perfectly. It was pink and ringed with white–quite a stunner! And since I volunteered to make the entree, this was the hardest part. Three things went through my mind: blueberries, chicken, and wine.


So here it is: Spicy Chicken with Blueberry-Wine Sauce Sided with Beets and Purple Potatoes


And finally, here is the recipe the final recipe is based on! Really, my only changes were that I added Dijon Mustard to the blueberry sauce and I added Penzey’s Northwest Seasoning to the chicken to add a little kick.

Blueberry & Pinot Noir Roasted Chicken

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